Welcome to US Military Bears

Fundraising Program to Benefit

The American Legion's

"Heroes to Hometowns" Program





We would like to thank all those who supported this great program. Unfortunately times have changed

and so must we. Please check back for our new programs and offerings soon. It has been an honor serving you.



National Commander Paul Morin

accepts a Desert Camo bear from

Department Commander (CT)

Jim LaCoursiere.



The American Legion at the

Southeastern Connecticut

Homeshow March 2007. From

left to right Jeff Craddoc,

K Robert Lewis and

Jim LaCoursiere.

Governor M. Jodi Rell, State

of Connecticut with a Desert Camo

bear presented by the American

Legion as thanks for the support

Governor Rell provides for the

members of the military.


National Commander Paul Morin

accepts a Regular Army bear from

Connecticut Department Commander Jim LaCoursiere.


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