The National American Legion’s Heroes to Hometowns Program assists in transitioning disabled members

of our Armed Services from Military Severely Injured Centers back to their homes. The care the Legion

provides does not stop there, it is there for as long as the disabled service member needs it.

No matter what your feelings about the War on Terror, or the political feelings that you have, the “Heroes

to Hometowns” program has nothing to do with the politics of war or the politics of  politics. What it does

have to do with is making our severely injured military members as comfortable as possible after a life

altering injury. These brave men and women deserve our respect and support and this is your opportunity

to help out and make a difference.

Since July of 2007 The National American Legion has used the Military Teddy Bears as a fund raiser to

help offset the huge costs associated with equipping a disabled service member’s home with the features

he or she will need to go about their daily activities.  

For detailed information about this program please visit Heroes to Hometowns on the Legion’s Site. You

will find the link to US Military Bears located on the Legion’s Resources page under Fundraising.

Each of these magnificent bears is put on active duty by a disabled American Veteran and brought to life

in Connecticut, whether the request is for one, five or thirty bears each one is made one at a time, there

are no huge warehouses of Army, Air Force, Marine or Navy bears.

All of the military bears meet a very high standard that we have imposed.  We have ensured that we would

proudly display or give a service member one of our teddy creations. It is of the utmost importance that the

uniforms our bears wear also proudly represent the American Military and meet the standards of the

American Legion.

 Your support of this program is going to provide a vast amount of help to disabled veterans, from the

creators of the bears to severely wounded coming home from the “War on Terror”.

When you order a Military Bear for $35.95 shipping within the continental United States is included and

a generous donation is made to the Legion’s Heroes to Hometowns Program.

If you have questions about this program you can contact The American Legion representative for the

Heroes to Hometowns program, Jim LaCoursiere, he is the former National Vice Commander,

Northeast, his contact number is 860-705-4173.

Thanks to the generosity and kindness of people who have purchased our bears we have raised thousands

of dollars that has been given to those disabled service members who need our help. With your support

we will continue to help support this much needed program.

Please view the below videos to see the H2H program in action.