The balance of life and work in the public sector: federal job resume sample and vacancies in federal ministries

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Public service has always been more than just work. This is a calling and lifestyle. After all, work in the government or in the public service as a whole is very different in terms and conditions from work in private business. Jobs in the ministries of the federal level attract a lot of people, and in this article we will try to do a full review of the current situation. We will consider working conditions, salaries, federal job resume sample, methods and conditions for employment in the civil service, applied assessment mechanisms, tests and interview requirements.

Working conditions in the ministries

Work in the civil service during crises is always the most stable area where people may not be afraid to be on the street. On the other hand, in a period of stable growing economies, the conditions of work in ministries and in the public service as a whole are noticeably inferior to the conditions that can be found in private business.

The government and all the governing bodies of our huge country are a very large structure. Accordingly, working conditions, salaries, and workload levels in different institutions and structures can be very different.

The highest level of civil service is work in federal ministries. Among them, there is also a prestige rating and the top one is the Big Four of the ministries: the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economic Development. These ministries have the highest salaries and the degree of influence on life in the country. But high salaries and prestige make such jobs more difficult to access. Therefore, it is difficult to do without the help of professionals in such a contest, especially if it concerns the military sector, the help of one of these resume writing services will be invaluable.

But salaries on average are lower than in business. The exact amount of salaries depends heavily on the level of the ministry, your length of service in the public service (if you don’t have one, the lowest salary), class rank, position, access to secrets and special working conditions. Combining public service in ministries with work in business structures is prohibited. Civil servants are only allowed to conduct teaching activities and publish books.

Speaking generally about salaries, with the requirements that are put forward for applying for vacancies in top ministries, young people can earn much more in private commercial companies. Only the graduates of the best universities of the country can get into the Big Four. And graduates of these universities are welcome in most large companies that are willing to pay salaries several times higher. In general, in order to make good money in federal ministries, it is required to work in them for at least 4-5 years, and most often even more.

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The balance of life and work in federal ministries

According to the reviews of employees of the main federal ministries, recycling is a constant phenomenon. The average working day lasts 10 hours, including lunch hour. However, staying up late is not necessary. But it is advisable not to leave burning unfinished business.

As many ministry employees say, working in a ministry is working for a particular leader. Work projects are organized in such a way that the tasks are allocated by the manager, and the rest of the employees work on their implementation and report. In this regard, it is important to meet deadlines and maintain loyalty to the leadership and team. In this regard, the readiness to come to the aid of colleagues and take on unpopular tasks (for example, reporting that nobody likes) is appreciated.

All this leads to the fact that the level of workload of responsible conscientious employees is high. Weekends are usually sacred and untouchable. But on working days, even until late, you can expect a call from the head with a request to check something or urgently prepare.

On the other hand, refining is not formally binding. You have the right to go home immediately after the end of the working day and not to respond to requests of a working nature during non-working hours. But this approach can lead to stagnation in a career. Those who are willing to work more than expected are moving fast.

Careers in Ministries

As we indicated above, in federal ministries, working teams work for their leader. And if the head goes to another position, both up in his own department and horizontally, he leads most of the team with him. Therefore, often, it turns out that ordinary employees are bonded birds that are highly dependent on the development of their boss.

It happens that the boss himself does not want to grow: tired, incompetent, or other reasons. This situation can slow down the development of his subordinates for a long time. In this case, it will sometimes develop faster and more efficiently horizontally, or even with demotion, but in a more dynamic department or department. Career growth when leaving for regional ministries is also often very dynamic.

Many ministry staff seek to pursue a career in the government or presidential administration. This is achievable, but requires significant work for several years.